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Simple and elegant wooden works inspired from traditional oriental art.

What we do

Our brand Menuiserie d’art is a human adventure, a strong friendship between French and Egyptien artisans that give birth to unique and original pieces.

At Menuiserie d’Art  we can customize our products according to your needs.

Thanks to virtual reality you will be able to start your project confidently. Working together in real time on our designs, you can change the dimensions, color or material of your piece, in order to help you make the best choice.

We do not step back from any challenge and your satisfaction is our priority.

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Ahlan wa sahlan

Beautiful islamic art



Our Products

Mahogany Armchair

This armchair is both elegant and ergonomic, perfect for enjoying a good read. Likewise, in an office, your visitors will feel comfortable. You can personalize it choosing the type of leather or fabric of your preference.

Mahogany Divan

As a piece of furniture, the divan has a long tradition starting in Persia and spreading throughout the Ottoman Empire across the Middle East. Due to its versatility, you can use it either as a sofa or as a day-time bed. The design engraved on its sides is personalizable and will emphasize the beauty of the piece, specially when the light gives life to the motifs.

Nourag Bench

Traditionally, this bench was used by Egyptian peasants for processing flour. Wheels to crush the grain were attached to the bench and the whole piece was pulled by a donkey, which turned around making circles.  Nowadays, its unique features make it a popular collectors’ item in many Middle Eastern homes. This reproduction is made of pine wood and aged by a special scratching process. It can be used in both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Oriental Rose Table

Light and small, this intricate and elaborate piece is as practical as it is beautiful. The multiple finishings available allows it to be used in a wide range of spaces, from living rooms to children’s bedrooms. It has a polished glass cover that protects the design. It can also be an original gift that will never cease to surprise your friends.

We select our materials with care to guarantee the best quality and durability.

We build a relationship of trust with our customers, because what we offer is above all a guarantee of quality.

What makes us unique is our knowledge of traditional techniques enriched with new technologies. We apply digital precision but we don’t exclude the use of traditional carpenter tools, as it is the intervention of our hands on materials which makes our work special and gives it a soul.

The products we offer you are the result of long months of work. We submit them to many tests and readjustments until we arrive at extremely ergonomic objects of outstanding quality.
We are pleased to present our creations, which are inspired by Oriental art and 1950s design.

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